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The Peach Blossom Garden in the Olden Days

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The Peach Blossom Garden in the Olden Days

  Taoyuan District is located in the northeast of Taoyuan Terrace, southwest of Linkou Terrace (Pingding Terrace). The Nankeng River and its tributary Qiedong River run across the city from southeast towards northwest. In 1737, Hakka people led by Chi-Lung Hsueh (薛啟隆) began recruiting Han people to cultivate Taoyuan. In the District and Borough Records in Taiwan Prefecture Chronicle re-edited by Fan,Hsien-Chung (范咸重) in 1747, Taoyuan District was called Humaozhuang (Humao Village). After peach trees were extensively planted in the city, it was called Taoziyuan (Peach Blossom Garden) because red peach blossoms were everywhere during the flowering season. In 1888, the term Taoyuan appeared in the cadastral document of the Qing Court, the first time this name appeared in government documents.

  In 1894, Taoyuan District was under the jurisdiction of Taoqian Borough of Danshui County in Taipei Prefecture. In the following year (1895), Taiwan was ceded to Japan, and Taoyuan District was re-allocated to Taoqian Borough of Taipei County. After more than ten administrative district re-adjustments, Taoyuan District finally became Taoyuan District under Taiyuan County in Hsinchu Prefecture in 1920, during the Japanese colonial period.

  Later on in December 1946, after the restoration of Taiwan, Taoyuan District was re-allocated as Taoyuan Town under Taoyuan District in Hsinchu County. In October 1950, the city was under the jurisdiction of Taoyuan Town in Taoyuan District after an administrative district re-adjustment. On 21 April 1971, Taoyuan District was promoted to a county-controlled city, and it has been one for forty years now. In 2009, it was the bicentenary of the city. At present, Taoyuan District is the Central Business District (CBD) of Taoyuan and is also called the "National Gateway City".


Zhongzheng Road in the past Prosperous Zhongzheng Road of today
Zhongzheng Road in the past Prosperous Zhongzheng Road of today